For those who are crazy enough

In the first stage there are no finances and we work in our free time. You will take risk. That's why this is for those who believe this mission is worth trying.


It does not matter what knowledge or experience you already have. What matters is who are you going to become in 4 months. That’s why the most important is to feel passion and determination flowing through your vanes when you think about this mission. Choose the position you will enjoy doing.


For those who love to design technical systems. Space Engineer sees the world as interactive set of systems that are transferring energy between each other. The best challenge for space engineer is creating a whole functional interactive system they will feel proud of.

As a space engineer, you will have to design a complete functional system and afterwards a detailed solution. The system and the detailed solution depends on the field, you choose. In control systems the detailed solution is to find the best thrusters’ placement; In spacecraft design the detailed solution is design of the structure that withstands external forces and acceleration.

This is going to be a big challenge you don't want to miss out.


Space Movement

Movement in micro-gravity with occasional utilization of planets gravity allows the creation of interesting optimal movement patterns.

Completely understand what external factors come in place when moving in space and how to maximize speed and acceleration. How can we exploit the unique cosmic environment to move much faster?

Getting out of Earth

The way to get out from Earth might seem straightforward, but many new possibilities appear every year (such as SpinLaunch) and many new companies.

Research all opportunities to get out of Earth and choose the best ones for this mission.

Asteroid Behavior

Asteroids differ not only in their chemical consistency and trajectory but also in their speed and rotation.

Complete understanding of the asteroid's behaviour and factors that influence it in other to be able to attach it.

Marie Zlínská

Free Position

Free Position

Free Position


For those who have found their way into the materials. Space Materialist looks at materials as another whole universe, that is based on dislocations, lattice faults and crystal arrangements.

As a space materialist, you will play the main part in asteroid mining – one of the biggest material challenges possible. Your tasks will range from a complete understanding of asteroids to designing the way of mining them. Another important set of tasks lies in understanding material challenges in space and designing materials that will be used on the spacecraft.

These tasks might sound big. They are. That’s why you will be supported with needed literature and specialist mentoring.


Asteroid Composition

As for now, we as humans don’t know precisely what are asteroids made of, in what percentage and with what chemical bonds. With the limited information available about asteroids, this task will contribute to choosing the target group of asteroids and help select the target material – therefore business model.

Complete understanding of asteroid chemical consistency based on the type and chemical bonds formed with the target material.

Asteroid Mapping

After we understand what asteroids we are looking for, we need to research where we can find these targets at any point in time. This will help us specify timeline and spacecraft trajectory possibilities.

Research where different groups of asteroids can be found, and what are their trajectories.

Material Description

After target material for the mission is chosen, we need to explore it in every way possible. That will help to create unique highly specialized solutions to acquire and transfer the material .

Completely understand the chemistry of the target material from the very details.

Asteroid Mining

We cannot go into space and harvest asteroids with Earth's mining technology.

We will ask the question - What useful harvesting solution we can use in space, that couldn't be used on Earth?

Propose the best possible solution for harvesting asteroids.

Free Position

Free Position


These days we don’t have to protect ourselves physically, we must do so legally. The main role of an advocate is to help create a safe home for the mission and gain experience in growing space industry. GROWING?

Create a legal entity and help the mission maintain its course through legislation (funding terms, investment terms, asteroid mining legislation, etc.)

Anna Stárková


You fell in love with the mission and you have the knowledge that can help, but you cannot join us as a member. A consultant is a position where you can significantly contribute to achieving asteroid mining by situational consulting and educating the team.

Help the team achieve its goals by sharing your knowledge, experience and passion.

Ondřej Hladík

Free Position


Ensures that every part of the mission has what it needs to meet its goals. The role is mainly oriented toward gathering financial resources, building partnerships, searching for customers, and ensuring that deadlines are met and the mission is achieved within team values.

Building a financially reasonable
business model, acquiring customers, securing funding for the mission and ensuring that team has all it needs to break the boundaries of what's possible.

Vlado Erdman

Jakub Kylar